Lococast.net back, now with screencast goodness

A quick Lococast.net update. After PyOhio ate up one episode and then my illness ate up another, Craig and I finally got back behind the mics for episode 4. Thanks for everyone that checked in on us and sorry for the delay.

Along with that I managed to release something new. A screencast! That's right, I'm getting tired of repeatedly trying to show the same tricks and decided if I screencast the stuff I can just point people at the videos. Video is a whole new ballgame to me, and I'm cheating by using this script from the great Ubuntu Screencast community.

My first episode is naturally one on Vim and the awesomeness of splits for very day use. I'm starting planning on my next Vim one now. Make sure to check it out. The videos are available from blip.tv (with better audio) and Youtube.

Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see covered and make sure you subscribe to the Lococast.net RSS feed to keep up on updates.

p.s. go check out my talk and the other great ones from PyOhio at: http://python.mirocommunity.org/category/pyohio-2010