We just want to help users...really, let us be

Ok, that's it. If you've been listening to our Lococast.net episodes you'll know that I thought the whole stackexchange for Ubuntu Q&A was a bad idea. Too many places for users to go and find help/answers seems like it'd be a large negative. In the end the community decided to go ahead with it and here we are. Except, the Ubuntu community can't seem todo anything without drawing out the complains from swaths of the neighboring communities. So we end up with with a series of events that look like this:

This is just crap. I mean, if a community wants to do it's own thing, and they have the means to supply both the helpers and the helpies needed for the thing to work, why does anyone need to get up in arms about it. You think a joint one would prove more useful...then do it...prove it. If the joint stackexchange will provide more value to users, then the users will find that out and use it.

I'm already worried about issues with the volume of questions for just the Ubuntu community. You think some how making it a larger swath of people would make it better? We'll see. But quit the whining.

Due to all of this I feel like I need to stand up for my community. While I'm not on board with this stackexchange being a long term solution, I feel like I need to step up and support it. So I've signed up and will be monitoring a number of tags in the stackexchange that are up my alley. In particular I'll be keeping an eye on: python, vim, terminal, command line, and zsh. I might add some others as I get into it more.

Just a heads up for users, you can create a custom RSS feed of only specific tags by playing with the url. For instance, below is my url I used for just my tags. Notice each tag is separated via +or+.


Doing this will provide you with a page you can bookmark, but that page will also have an RSS feed on it for those tags. Definitely helpful since I'm going to try to keep things sensible by limited my involvement to my specialties.

So get over there and find your support niche today. Together the Ubuntu community is quite awesome, and I wish the rest of the world would quit trying to force things upon us we never asked for.