First Bookie Sprint Good Friday

I've been cranking hard on getting Bookie going towards a 0.2 release. There's been some great work from contributers and things are really getting to be fun. To help give Bookie a boost, I'm holding a sprint at my place to hack on the 0.2 feature list. The big things we're working on include making the UI not suck 100% and getting the readable parsed content of pages integrated into the site really well.

So this Friday, 11am - 4pm is sprint time. If you want to head over let me know and I'll get your directions and such:

If you can't make it, but you're interested in getting into it, jump on irc and join #bookie on freenode. Get an install of bookie going, test the importer and such. There're a few bitesite bugs in the ticket tracker that are easily fixed. So jump on in.