Bookie status report: Aug 7th 2011

See, I can do these things once a week, I promise!

Updates this week

Progress this week is all in the api branch. It's taken some time to figure out just what things are going to look like, and I started with the docs. Lots and lots of docs updates for the api. You can check out how things look so far.

  • Gone is the custom json response object. We now send back an http status code and possibly a json message
  • The auth code is all updated. We now use a new api_auth decorator in lib/ that will check the api call and take care of the 403 response if things fail.
  • Most of the tests are commented out while we enable/fix them one by one as the new api methods get filled in. Once we're sure thing are where we want, we'll revisit the rest of the apis. Since parts of the functioning site use the api it really needed to be done.
  • The first few new api methods are working correctly and tests are passing in the api branch. This is mostly the /{username}/bmark/XXX urls. So adding, updating, deleting, and getting a bookmark for a user is set.

To make some of the new request changes we needed to update to Pyramid 1.1. This gave us things like request.response.status_int and some changes to the way the http exceptions work.

The goal for the next week is to keep plugging at the api. If you've got any feedback let me know. I'm really hoping to do a really solid job on this updated api and it will help with the extensions, feature updates, and encouraging new developers to get involved.

Alpha Testing

We have a signup for if you're interested in alpha testing the hosted install at If you'd like to try it out fill out the signup form here.

Taking Part

If you care to help or follow along make sure to follow the project on github:

  • Current Chrome Extension: 0.3.8
  • Most recent code updates: develop branch
  • Current working branch: feature/api