Bookie weekly status report: Sept 7 2011

Updates this week

Sorry, I'm late on the weekly report. The holiday weekend threw me off. However, I've got good stuff for you. I completed the port of the fulltext search from being database specific to being Whoosh which is pure Python. This should be cool because it reduces code complexity trying to change things up based on the database used. It also been performing really well. The hosted site is using it for everyone's content.

Be aware, if you do the migration, it takes a while to run. It has to go through and processes every readable record one by one. So when you upgrade, let it run.

What's next

Aside from that, I started playing with an all Javascript front end using Backbone.js. The idea is to see about setting up a very interactive front end that would allow in place edits of bookmark data easily using the existing API. We'll see how it works out.

Alpha Testing

We have a signup for if you're interested in alpha testing the hosted install at If you'd like to try it out fill out the signup form here.

Taking Part

If you care to help or follow along make sure to follow the project on github:

  • Current Chrome Extension: 0.3.16
  • Most recent code updates: develop branch
  • Current working branch: develop