2016 kick off

Photo by pownibe/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by pownibe/iStock / Getty Images

2016 has arrived and most New Years I don't feel the need to really do or think much on the coming year.Things change too much. A year ago, how much of today would I have foreseen? 

This year though, well the last few weeks at least, I've felt the year coming more. I feel the need to write out goals for myself in the coming year. One of which is to get back a website presence. I've done that by moving my old WordPress content over here to a new SquareSpace site that I'll hopefully put together to better capture me. For the most part, this is just for myself. However, I struggle with a WordPress, G+, Tumblr, Flickr, and Twitter accounts and find myself split based on the part that make up me. There's my work, my hobbies, my family, and my rants!  I'll be trying to consolidate that mess here and make some sense of it so I start to feel like I've got a creative outlet that fits me. 

All that said, here be dragons, construction, and hopefully a revitalization of my brain down to word form. 

The great goals of 2016

Write more

This one seems like the no brainer so far. I'd like to write more and improve my writing skills, ergo this website. 

Get out for more planned photography adventures

I'm an opportunistic photographer. I take a camera with me, try to get a few snapshots, and hopefully some of them look good and make me happy. I need to put forth more effort into getting out for some planned ideas. Go get some sunrise shots by setting an alarm and having a place I want to go to capture that sunrise. Keep an eye on cool local events to do some street photography during local fairs and such. Plan ahead when a work trip comes up, and make sure I've planned out some of the pictures I want to make and come home with. 

Get outside more

I work from home, long hours, and really need to get outside more. I love camping, hiking, fishing, etc. I just don't seem to prioritize it enough so that I make sure to do it enough. As my son gets older, including him in these excursions should help kill off excuses for not doing it. 

Travel more, and make sure some of it is for fun

I have been travelling more for work, but as I travel more it's for shorter 'hop over for a couple of meetings' travel and there's not really much fun to it. I really need to get some more travel for myself going. Ever since I've joined Canonical and started traveling I've gotten bit more and more by that darned travel bug. I also feel like traveling well, vs just showing up for work, is amazingly good for expanding your horizons. I need more of that.

Sell a LOT of stuff

Folks know I have a problem. I'm continually optimizing, I enjoy nice things, and I like to try out new things. All of this leads to me collecting many items around the house and many I don't use any more because I found better tools, different ways of doing things, etc. I've just loaded 4 30gal bags of clothes to donate into the back of the car. I really wanted to add more. I think over this year you'll see a concerted effort to do more with less and the travel bug has a lot to do with that. 

Finally: figure out this job thing

This one seems like it should be easy, but wow it's been an interesting year at work. All I ever wanted was to write code and build things. However, I don't think I've written much of any code over the last year. Instead I've gotten myself into the responsibilities of product owner, product manager, and director of engineering. I care about building cool things, talking about them, and coordinating a dozen moving parts to make it happen. I'm not perfect, but I feel like my brain fits much of this work. I've just not figured out exactly how it's all going to shake out. I'm still in interim directory. I really think the part I enjoy is the product work though. Can you do one and not the other? Every year since joining Canonical the unexpected has reigned and I have a feeling this year's ride will be crazier than ever.