looking for fresh pavement

tl;ldr I'm looking for a fresh set of challenges. Check out my resume here if you're looking for a passionate lead for a team of smart folks. http://uploads.mitechie.com/resume.html

Joining Canonical

November 2011 I reinstalled my laptop with Ubuntu, replacing the Arch Linux I had running on there. I had been hired by Canonical to work on Launchpad. I had learned that I loved programming, but I wanted to work in a place with code reviews, that encouraged testing, and that had a solid work from home culture. I found exactly what I wanted, and what I needed. I went to work with a team full of smart folks and I was immersed in a team that had thought long and hard about getting better at software development. 

Over time I worked on different projects, I learned more and more, and eventually I was given leadership of a small team of these passionate people. Here I learned to take pride, not in writing my own branch of code, but in helping the team write theirs. I spent more time in design documents, code reviews, and helping talk folks through the hard spots they hit. I learned to unblock and enable my team and found I enjoyed it. Shocking! I'd been saying for years that I'd never become a manager. I created beautiful code, not spreadsheets. 

Along comes Juju

I was given the great chance to work with folks on Juju. In this I learned to take my passion for usability and design that I'd worked on in webui and apply it to a command line experience. I worked with more teams and in this I ended up stretching myself too thin. I've spent the last seven months as the Interim Director of Juju. I was able to push myself to my limits, organizing, coaching, leading several larger teams at once. This has been too much though. I've spent this time working at a dead run and burned myself out. 

In time I'll probably write some of my thoughts on the path that led to my burnout. There are some obvious lessons in there, but I think some things will be more clear as I separate from the director role.

Looking for a fresh patch of road

I work because I love building cool stuff. I work because I want to learn, and I find that I get to build better things when I am challenged by other smart folks. I need others to help bounce ideas, feed their experiences into the process, and push me. I don't work for the sake of work. I want to work, but not have my work take over my life. I have a family and hobbies that I need to keep things balanced and happy. 

I'm looking for a fresh start. I'd love to work with a team of 5-15 or so to design and build something awesome. I want to downsize and start something new with fresh challenges and different things to learn. My resume is over here: http://uploads.mitechie.com/resume.html and if you have anything that might fit my interests please don't hesitate to reach out or pass the information along.

I want to thank Canonical for a great 4+ years. I've grown in ways I never predicted and have gotten to work with some of the best and smartest people out there. My greatest fear is that it was a unique place and that I'll forever be looking for another group like it. I'll never know if I don't look. 

Change, can be good.