Thinking up new interesting interview questions

Doing interviews with folks is something that I enjoy doing. Talking shop is just something I love. You get to learn from others, relate to challenges, and maybe it’s my version of chatting sports at a bar. Interviews have different parts. There’s the basics of what the position is, what it involves, questions about working at Canonical, etc. My favorite part is the general back and forth banter that comes in the middle there. 

When interviewing there’s go to questions that folks like to use to bring about a conversation and get a feel for the candidate. “Describe your perfect day at work.” or “Tell me about some work you’re most proud of.” are two you hear a lot. In a recently interview I had an idea to get the conversation going in a different way. 

 “Tell me about the stakeholders of your last project.”  This really gives me insight as to if the applicant can identify who’s driving the project that they’re working on. Once they identify the stakeholders we can then drive the conversation into things like “How did you find you had to work with those stakeholders differently?” and “Tell me about how the different stakeholders needs would clash and how you worked through it?”. Finally then you can get at feedback on how things might have been done better. 

There’s a lot more that goes into finding good candidates than show me your Github. I personally really enjoy working with folks that can look beyond the code a bit and help communicate about why folks are doing what they’re doing. What’s your favorite thought proving interview question and why?